Missed the Mega Marine Reading group? Here’s what happened!

“An eye-opening experience”

That is how participants described the EMN-GESA reading group on Mega MPAs and Deep Sea Mining. One of them was kind enough to put the evening into words for the benefit of all those unfortunates who could not attend:

Into the depths of the ocean:

Report of the GESA/EMN Mega Marine Reading Group

By Emilie Devenport, MSc Marine Systems and Policies

HarrisonDr James Harrison kicked off the evening with a quote from Raymondi of Soncino, a Milanese envoy to the Americas in 1497; “the sea there is swarming with fish, which can be taken not only with the net, but in baskets let down with a stone, so that it sinks in the water.” The quote, he said, illustrated that humanity’s relationship with the ocean has, for centuries, been one of use and extraction, focusing on questions of how we use the Ocean? And how much we use?

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