James Harrison


James Harrison is an international lawyer with a particular interest in the law of the sea and  the legal framework for the protection of the marine environment. He teaches a course on the International Law of the Sea at the University of Edinburgh School of Law and he has published widely in this area, including… Read more

Meriwether Wilson

Meriwether Wilson for EMN pageDr. Meriwether Wilson is a marine ecologist and Lecturer in Marine Science and Policy at the University of Edinburgh focusing on the science-policy-society intersections of transboundary marine ecosystems and services, in particular biodiversity in  international waters. Her research explores challenges in coastal-marine governance and marine ecology regarding infrastructure establishment and habitat loss in nearshore and… Read more

Laura Jeffery

Jeffery EMN pageDr Laura Jeffery is Lecturer in Social Anthropology in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh, and has research interests in island ecologies, human–environment relations, and the establishment and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Her ethnographic work in Mauritius, Seychelles, and the UK has focused on the Chagossian community displaced… Read more

Aster de Vries Lentsch

IMG_2861Aster de Vries Lentsch is a MSc student in Environmental Sustainability with a particular interest in marine related issues and policies. Her focus is on complex and dynamic policy contexts coupled with economic and commercial drivers. She is currently examining marine planning challenges surrounding wave and tidal energy initiatives around the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters. Other areas of interest include education and visibility campaigns… Read more


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