20 Oct, 6-8:30 pm
Room LG.09 David Hume Tower, George Square

Frank Buckland (1826-1880)

Frank Buckland and his father William Buckland, a distinguished geologist and latterly Dean of Westminster, were determined to do all that they could to improve the diet of the poor.

Although Frank followed his father in believing that the key to improving the health of the less fortunate lay in the introduction of novel species to their dining tables, he was especially impressed by the potential of the lightly-exploited fisheries of the Victorian era to supply cheap and nutritious food.

He was among the first naturalists to realise that making the most of the resources of the sea would require a comprehensive understanding of the biology of the main commercial species and of the world that they inhabited.

In his will, Frank Buckland left a substantial sum of money to promote understanding of the fisheries through public lectures given by an annually appointed “Buckland Professor”.

This year’s Marine Fisheries Colloquium centres on:

Securing the Supply of Food from Marine Fisheries


18:00   Welcome by Edinburgh Marine Network

18:05 – 18:10 Introduction by the Buckland Foundation

18:10 – 18:50 Professor Colin Bannister – “Has EU fisheries managment achieved stock recovery?”

18:55 – 19:15 Dr David Righton – “Climate change & a vision for fisheries in 2050”

19:20 – 20:00 Professor Carl O’Brien – “Future fisheries management & governance in the EU

20:00 – 20:30 Q&A and Open Discussion

Professor Colin Bannister
Professor Colin Bannister, Chairman of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain
Dr David Righton, Fisheries Science Leader at Cefas Lowestoft
Dr David Righton, Fisheries Science Leader at Cefas Lowestoft
Professor Carl O'Brien, Chief Fisheries Science Advisor to Defra
Professor Carl O’Brien, Chief Fisheries Science Advisor to Defra